Thursday, February 9, 2017

Artist Statement


I think that specifically within my dream project, I've figured out a way to not just post "pretty pictures,'' but to convey a message within my photography. Last year I only focused on what would look nice rather than deciding on ideas and deeper meanings to help my photographic process flow smoother. I now begin each product with an idea of a word or a phrase that could jolt my brain into producing something beautiful. However, even with this process I still find it difficult to come up with something creative to do for a project and it can sometimes impact my motivation to complete it. This situation often leads to me producing pictures I dislike thus affecting the way I view my pictures. Something that helps me through this rut is usually examining other examples of the project at hand or just talking to others about their ideas in order to inspire myself. I find both of these processes really helpful when I don't know how to approach an idea. 

I find that the most satisfying part about photography is seeing something in your head comes to life. Often times what you might picture isn't realistic with the means at hand, but when a photo turns out exactly the way I want it to I can't be happier. I also love seeing the difference between an edited and unedited picture because what you think might be boring and dull can turn into a masterpiece through simple technology. There are a few projects that I know I could've done better with better timing, but overall I'm very proud of the way that my blog has turned out. The most prevalent thing I've realized within this class is that I love to find the detail within every day projects. Although I have enjoyed a lot of projects, macro is by far my favorite subject within the vast world of photography. You're forced to look into things you'd never care about otherwise, such as a curb or the branch of a tree. 


After looking at other people's pictures I've noticed that I use a lot of contrast within my pictures in order to emphasize the shapes and words shown. This often gives my work a darker, more ominous, feel. Others tend to focus on light and airy photos full of people, but I guess my photos provide a less romanticized view of the world which may or may not be helpful to people. I think that a lot of people come up with an idea on the spot or just see what happens as they explore but i usually take a more planned out approach in order to figure out what I'm doing. I want people to see more than just a visual but also an idea, statement or even just word. I enjoy finding the deeper meaning within otherwise normal things and I'd like others to do the same with my work. 


If I could do all my projects again I'd definitely work on my time management skills in order to come up with something before i needed to scramble to complete a project. I think with the proper amount of planning I would be able to come up with my best work and be confident enough to share it with others. I also would like to expand my horizons and play with more editing whether it be realistic or not. Colour is something I want to integrate into my photography more often to provide a less dreary vibe. I've seen others use photoshop in a way to mash the real with the make believe and I really want to see if I'd be able to do that successfully. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

reading photographs #3

This place seems like it would be very warm, because it has a volcano and because its erupting.
Loud crashes, booms and ruffles from animals are likely exploding (no pun intended) out of every turn. Nothing in this photograph is overcrowded, the edges of the volcano smoothly lead up to a puff of smoke accompanied by a bolt of lightning. This catches the lookers eye in that the lightning brightens up the top of the mountain and makes it stick out from the star-filled sky. 

This picture makes me happy because the foxes are playing in snow like dogs and dogs are amazing. I feel like this picture represents purity. Untouched snow cleanly meets with the sky, forcing the eye to the bright foxes in the front of this picture. The foxes aren't fighting nor being hunted and the weather is still-giving a sense of calm within nostalgia. 

I've seen a lot of pictures like this one as of recent, filled with tattered buildings and distressed citizens. This situation would be filled with screaming, crying and crashes of deconstructed buildings. Even though everything around this man is broken and gray, he still taps into his compassion and tries to help those whom are less fortunate. The layout of this is extremely well done, the rubble casts a gray shadow on the rest of this location making it to where the man in the middle is completely sticking out.